Parker of Monroe Ends 2017 Eden Strong!

January 16, 2018
Suzette Molina

Parker at Monroe in Monroe, NJ, joined the Eden Registry on December 29, 2017. Home to 96 Elders, Parker at Monroe provides round-the clock, person-directed care services, including memory care for individuals living with all stages of dementia, who may also live complex physical needs. The campus consists of six “Small Homes” connected to a Community Center. Sixteen Elders reside in each Small Home and treat each other like family. Each home is designed to promote independence, dignity, and a sense of community among the Elders and care partner employees that live and work there.

Elders have a choice of dining in their Small Home, enjoying “destination dining” at the Cypress Café (casual), or The Orchards formal dining room. All meals are served family style with lots of choices and conversation. Often, the vegetables for the meal are planted, grown, and harvested by the Elders themselves.  The Community Center is centrally located and connected to all six Small Homes, so it makes for a great place to hang out and chat with friends and neighbors. The many amenities include a Health and Wellness center, restorative therapies, the Tree Top Terrace for outdoor access to their 2nd floor patio, and a Serenity Room. Days are busy with group activities, including educational programs, entertainment, and faith-based services. Elders choose what they would like to do and the employee care partners are there to offer encouragement and support. One sums up the spirit of Parker at Monroe best, she says, “We are not a sterile environment. We are very warm, we are family…we are what it means to be home.”

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