The Eden Alternative 20 Years

Paving the Path to Mastery

Pave the Path to Mastery! In honor of The Eden Alternative’s 20th Birthday Celebration, you can participate in this “friend-raising” campaign. Purchase and personalize a paver of your choice, ranging from $10 to $100, and help us reach our goal of $15,000. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution will help us create a life worth living for Elders and their care partners everywhere. Successful culture change takes all of us, and expanding our reach helps us build a better future for all!

We encourage you to share this link with at least two friends or colleagues, even if you choose not to make a contribution yourself. Reaching out and creating a caring community is what it’s all about….

Goal Status

Paving the Path to Mastery
Virtual Pavers

Jessica Shanahan

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

Rick Gamache

Honoring Carepartners at Elmhurst Extended Care

Dan Pappas
Rebecca Sprouse

Recognizing Laurie Loughlin

Michael D. Cooper & Family

Thank you for 20 Strong Years!

Jennifer Christiano

IMO Harold & Elnora Rice

Jennifer Christiano

Jennifer Christiano

Laura & Chuck
Aria Bronstein-Moffly
Alex Bronstein-Moffly
Evan Bronstein-Moffly
Elizabeth de Sieyes

in her memory

ALWAYS . . .

honk the horn in the tunnel

Miss Beasley

at Eden, dogs rule

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital – Senior Services

Paving the Way to Creating Home!

Jan Nickelson

Living life to the fullest.

Marla DeVries

Open Hearts
Open Minds
Changed Lives

Rick Gamache

In Memory of Kirsten Gamache

Lunde Family
Carol Chiarito

CarematchAmerica, Inc.

Catherine Lunde
Chris Christopher

Chris Christopher

Steve & Sarabeth LeMoine

Building Relationships-Transforming lives ELDER CENTERED SOLUTIONS



Rolling Fields-Cherry St.

Rolling Fields-Cherry Street

Oyewumi I Oke, Clermont park.

Great team together in enriching lives

Quality Life Services

Committed to Lives Worth Living.

Linda Crawford and Arlene Stevens

Enhancing Lives So People Thrive

Fig St. @ Rolling Fields

To creating a loving home!

Eden Associate

Take me to your elders!

Touching Hearts at Home

In honor of our clients

Caroll Kline

Remembering Larry Kline

Brian Reh and Family
Rolling Fields

To the World Makers!

Rolling Fields (West)

In appreciation of a “better way”.

Haleigh & Hannah

Teaching us about life worth living

Jane & Joe Meyers

You taught me well

Kim Braham-Moody

Its the Right Thing to Do

Scott Marshall Family
These Joints are Jumping

Joyfully in the moment embracing journeys

Debbie Meredith
Carl Family

Caml Family – remembering William Carl

Bryan Bond
Suzanne Kates – SageWork – Massage & Reiki for Elders

Remembering Bess Kates

Tamara Wolske

Each One Teach One

Deborah Newhouse Dunham

It is right & honorable

Denise Hyde

Be the change!

Lisa Kendall & Bill Rusen

In Honor of Patricia Kendall Lloyd

Laura Beck & Ethan Pitts

Remembering Howard Beck

Mel Coppola

Redefining Aging and Busting Paradigms

Jennifer C. Kline
Allen Power


Meredith Burrus

Creating A Life Worth Living

In Memory of Mary Hagen

Doing things together; so much fun!

Perna Family

Home is where the heart is

Suzette Molina

Well-Being for All

Carol Ende & Jim Hammond

Principles in Action

Suellen Beatty/Cheryl George

A healthy community where everyone grows.

Susan Frazier

Making life radically better for elders

Kathy Hagen, The Eden Alternative

Partners in Well-Being, The Greatest Joy

Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative

It can be different

Kavan Peterson,

Making elders the center of society.