Peeling Back the Layers to Truly Empower Teams

June 07, 2013
Denise Hyde

Leaders want strong teams. This is a given. But many are reluctant to give up the comfort of the hierarchy. Thus they create organizational systems that enslave them and block the success of teams.

Until leaders are willing to peel back the layers and really flatten the hierarchy, empowered teams will struggle. Managers and leaders need a different skill set to transform their role for the future giving the teams the skills and resources they need to be successful.

The argument for empowered teams is powerful. Regulatory requirements are constantly shifting, new quality goals are being announced, tracked and assessed at a national level, and yet it takes more than a quality team to make and sustain improvements. Financial reimbursement for services requires the ability for everyone to be creative with limited resources. Empowered teams hold the answers.

Yet, forming empowered teams within the existing, departmental hierarchies, that typically define healthcare organizations, is difficult.  What is it about a hierarchical organizational structure that makes it so important to keep intact in whatever way we can?

The way leaders have designed the organizational relationships will determine whether empowered teams will thrive or not. The Eden Alternative offers Neighborhood Guide Training (developed by Vivage Quality Health Partners) as a resource to transform leaders so they can empower teams of care partners within an organization.

Learn more about this 30-module curriculum by participating in a free webinar on June 13, 2013 at 2:00pm ET. You will hear from others that have experienced this life-changing learning experience and how they are putting it into action.

What are the layers in your organization that need to be peeled away so empowered team can grow?  Learn more by registering for the webinar today!

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Leaders are sacrificing an empowered team to cling to old systems of hierarchy


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