Physical Therapy, Well-Being and The Ten Principles

January 31, 2014
Denise Hyde

As The Eden Alternative began to grow, we soon realized that the Three Plagues can found everywhere. The Ten Principles guide organizations in developing approaches to alleviate the pain of the plagues wherever they exist.

We are now seeing more short term rehab providers struggle with creating a place where people are free of the three plagues and be returning customers when necessary.  People who seek short term rehab services express that they want to be in and out of rehab as soon as possible. But before long, just like a hospital setting, an individual can experience loneliness, helplessness and boredom despite how good the treatment or therapy services are.

Think about what it is like to take a vacation. You travel from hotel to hotel throughout the journey. You know, sometimes even as you pull up to the door, which hotels are going to pay attention to your needs and which hotels are just going to give you a room.

Some hotel leaders understand the spirit of hospitality and creating the feeling of home away from home and others fall short of that experience by varying degrees. They all are in the same “business”, providing travelers with lodging and yet some far exceed the expected and you actually feel as though you leave the hotel a better person for the time spent there.

If we look at short stay rehab through a similar lens, by using a principle based approach to creating a home away from home for those who are just passing through, organizations can eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom from individuals’ lives when they are part of your organization.

This means becoming well known to the person, and helping them to become well-known in return. Do they feel confident everyone knows who they are, their expectations for rehab, their family’s expectations?

This means imbibing life with spontaneity, and meaning.

This means creating a care partnership, if short-lived, that will foster growth and human connection.

Individuals can return home better able to thrive and grow despite whatever physical challenges they have been facing. It can be different if only we are willing to let go of our preconceived notions and find a different path.

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Great analogy, Denise. I would also mention that when I develop relationships with the people who work at a great hotel, I am more likely to go back there next time and recommend it to my friends. When my friend’s dad went for rehab it became a test drive for his future home.


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