Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation Joins the Eden Registry

December 15, 2015
Suzette Molina

Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation Center in Brodhead, KY, joined the Eden Alternative Registry on November 9, 2015. They are home to 104 Elders, some of which come in only for a short time to receive rehabilitation services. In order to get to create meaningful days with meaningful activity they decided to divide themselves up into five active and lively neighborhoods. The rhythm of daily life in the households matches that of the Elders that live there. To add a little spice to life, employee care partners often bring in their children and pets to visit the Elders throughout the community. Elders take part in the planting and maintenance of the garden and feeding the three bunnies that live there. Elders enjoy planting, harvesting and eating the wide variety of vegetables from their new greenhouse. The Chaplin is always available and prides himself of making sure that everyone who comes to live or work here feels like a part of the family. Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation is home that welcomes and cares about everyone that comes through their front doors. Come by for a visit and you can see why for yourself.

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