Portrait of an Eden Registered Home: Providence Horizon House

June 09, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor, ChangingAging.org
Providence Horizon House, Anchorage, Alaska

Providence Horizon House in Anchorage, Alaska, renewed their Eden Registry status on April 20, 2011. This home provides assistance to elders living in apartments or one of two cottages for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders.

Providence Horizon House is home to 85 people. The elders are very involved in the community, from hosting their first art show, to teaching art classes, taking care of the two community library areas and gardening and fundraising for local charities. The gardens are enjoyed by the community. They have added new outdoor furniture and with the heated sidewalks you can go out when the weather is chilly.

The elders and their care partners are working on the creation of a Healing Garden at the home. Those in the community regularly dine together. The dining room is open all the time and you can come when you are ready. The Elders enjoy a leisurely dining experience in the apartment complex as well as the cottages.

If you need some uplifting, you might want to stop by the Mind, Body, Spirit Circle while you are visiting. There are quite a few animal companions in the home and they are an official dog license vendor for the community which brings in even more pets for visits. As one care partner stated, “Truly we are on a journey here at Providence Horizon House. We are excited to learn and grow in ways that nurture the soul.” There is no doubt they will continue to grow in new and amazing ways.

Meet Horizon House elder Shirley (Courtesy of Providence.org:

Welcome to my apartment.  My name is Shirley and I have lived at Horizon House for eight years.  I decided to move to Horizon House to get that “little” extra help that I needed and a sense of security.  They help me with my medications everyday so I don’t have to worry.

The staff and other residents at Horizon House have become my family.  The friendships that I have established here are very important to me.  We enjoy daily events together, celebrating monthly birthdays and Holidays.  I call Bingo on Saturdays with another resident.  I enjoyed quilting in the past and here at Horizon House I get to showcase my talent and continue to work on crafts that I enjoy.  I went to the fair this year with several other residents, exercise twice a week in our group, go on shopping outings and participate everyday in activities.

When I came to Horizon House I brought my own furniture with me.  This is my bed, hutch and book shelf.  My apartment is furnished with my belongings and everything I need to make it my home.  I have a large collection of bears and many quilts that I made displayed in my apartment.

Moving to Horizon House was the right choice for me and I love it here!

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