Which Principle Drives You

February 23, 2015
Virgil Thomas, ChangingAging.org

An Elder-centered community commits to

The Ten Principles are meant to be understood individually and applied collectively. In order to create a human habitat we must ensure that every principle is being given the consideration it deserves. Spontaneity and joy are ultimately not enough to change the culture of institutionalism if medical treatment is still the master of genuine human care.

However, I know that when I went through my Certified Eden Associate Training, Principle 2 stood out among all the rest. I grew up in nursing homes, and I could relate so well to the joy children bring into a home. A real human habitat. It was through this window that I began to really understand what the rest of the Principles were getting at.

With Monday rolling on into the rest of the week, please share with us what your favorite, or most relatable, most valued Principle.

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Both appeal strongly to me I once heard Elizabeth Kubler-Ross say that “Old people and little children are made for each other. They have a common enemy” Then she laughed and said, “Little children love to sit on my lap and run their fingers up and down the wrinkles of my face.”


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