QAPI Is as Easy as Doing-It-Yourself

June 08, 2015
Denise Hyde


Why are DIY shows on HGTV and the Discovery Channel so popular? Who doesn’t want to invite the Property Brothers to come help them find a fixer upper? How many of you have sought out YouTube how-to videos to tackle a challenge in your life? People are attracted to these shows, and videos, because they want great value for their investment of time and money. They also want the satisfaction of knowing they tackled something that seemed impossible at first and were successful. Doing it yourself builds identity, helps people grow, and provides autonomy, meaning and joy. All part of an individual’s well-being.

The Eden Alternative’s new webinar series, QAPI DIY, is an opportunity for those who are new to quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI), as well as those who are seasoned pros, to refine their skills in driving improvement efforts. For those who think QAPI is just too big a project and simply don’t have the resources to hire consultants to help them out, this three-part series will break the implementation process down into bite-size pieces that can be more easily managed; just like the DIY video you may have watched last week. The webinar series will be a great way to help formal and informal leaders get comfortable with QAPI tools and how to use them in daily practice.

For the seasoned pros, who may be capable of making QAPI DIY videos, this series offers the opportunity review your progress, and processes, and get refreshed, renewed and revitalized. If new leaders (formal or informal) have joined the organization, engaging them in this three-part webinar series will help get them up-to-speed quickly so that Performance Improvement Projects can stay on schedule and be even more effective.

The QAPI DIY webinar series is a chance to remember that improving performance is about focusing on Elder outcomes. That is also what person-directed care is about as well. Yes, there are clinical outcomes and regulatory outcomes that are important, but a solid QAPI process will meet these secondary outcomes if the Elders’ lives are improving first and foremost. This webinar series will highlight, through a DIY process, the solid QAPI structure that helps all organizations grow further and drive person-directed care changes even deeper than they are today.

The QAPI DIY series is a great way to engage leaders across the organization and remind them why they do what they do every day. Register to participate in the series today.




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