Remembering the Why’s

January 07, 2014
Denise Hyde

The recent Neighborhood Guide Training with the team from Sunset Retirement Communities was a good reminder of why this training, and growing empowered teams of employee care partners, is so important for our 2014 New Year’s growth plans.

Throughout the week, stories from the new Neighborhood Guides told why they came into the field of Eldercare and why they are using the Eden Alternative Philosophy to guide them. The comments included:

  • After learning about The Eden Alternative in college, I realized that I had to work in an Eden Alternative home.
  • Being with others committed to the Eden Alternative assures me that there are people out there who “get it.”
  • I used to get people up at 3am for a shower because I didn’t know any better and it was what my boss told me to do. Now I know better and do better.

Sunset Retirement Communities created neighborhood teams in 2008 in both of their Ohio based communities, Sunset Village and Sunset House. Last week’s exploration of the Neighborhood Guide Training reminded them that there is still more for the teams to learn and more growth opportunities for their Guides.

The attendees left with plans of how they can use the materials to grow more Guides and continue to minimize or remove barriers to team empowerment across the whole organization. One attendee commented, “Not only did we grow as a group of guides, but I feel like I can breathe with the tools from people that have gone before us.”

One of the attendee’s father’s, who is very involved with one of the Sunset Retirement Communities’ homes, has dubbed himself the “Leader of Positive Thinking and Positive Outcomes.” He is another reason why this transformational work is so important. There is no doubt that he now has others who will be following his lead!

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