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Many organizations have a habit of compartmentalizing quality improvement efforts. By consolidating strategies, organizations find that the sum is greater than its parts.

Clinical care is often addressed in a vacuum, distinct from practices that support person-directed care. Likewise, federally-mandated performance improvement initiatives, like QAPI, are often seen as separate from other internal efforts to improve the quality of care.

Person-directed care naturally strengthens any performance improvement effort.  Work smarter, not harder, by creating a fully integrated quality improvement strategy that honors quality of life and overall well-being for all involved in the care relationship.

Below, discover how the Eden Alternative Philosophy aligns with various quality-focused initiatives.

MDS 3.0 and QIS Processes

The MDS 3.0 and QIS survey tools from CMS help organizations assess how well they are honoring the voice and choices of the individuals they serve.

Click here to learn how The Eden Alternative supports MDS and QIS processes.

Supporting QAPI

The Eden Alternative has much to offer organizations focused on meeting requirements for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI).  The following blog posts can help:

QAPI and The Eden Alternative®: What Are the Connections?

AHCA/NCAL Quality Standards

The AHCA/NCAL Quality Awards involve three levels of honor:  Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Eden Alternative has developed a cross-walk tool for each level of achievement that highlights how our philosophy supports the criteria. If you are applying for the Quality Awards, these tools will help you meet the necessary requirements. These tools can also stimulate discussion and help enhance quality across the organization.

Advancing Excellence Goals

Access these articles that make the connection between Advancing Excellence goals and resources from The Eden Alternative