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In today’s economy, leaders must make hard choices regarding how, when, and where to apply resources.

Access to evidence-based research and data is crucial to informed decision-making. In response, we have formed the Eden Alternative International Research Committee to coordinate and disseminate research related to the impact of The Eden Alternative on the lives of individuals in a variety of living environments.

Research and Data from The Eden Alternative

Read the results of a survey of Registry Members about their experience during the 2020 pandemic.

Members of the Eden Registry submit annual data as they progress along the Path to Mastery. View the aggregate data results from Eden Registry Path to Mastery Data cum data 2019-20.

Review data highlights submitted by individual Registry Members.

Review aggregate data from the Eden at Home Two-Year Pilot Project.

Data from International Regional Coordinators

See 2011 data from Sherbrooke Community Center in Saskatchewan, Canada

Review a UK study finding the use of psychotropic drugs nearly eliminated through application of The Eden Alternative

Research on Culture Change

2014 articles published in The Gerontologist:

This publication series highlights the case for culture change and person-directed care:

Additional culture change research articles:

Teamwork improves the culture of care. BMC Health Services Research studied the relationship patterns and management practices in nursing homes that facilitate or pose barriers to better outcomes for residents and staff. The positive outcomes from this study are aligned with what the Neighborhood Guide Training from The Eden Alternative provides. When managers have the educational tools and resources to facilitate the growth of empowered teams they create an environment where everyone can be their best.