Richard Taylor Checks In After Battling Cancer

August 22, 2013
Virgil Thomas,

Excellent reading: Dr. Richard Taylor writes about his personal experience with dementia and cancer.

I am Richard Taylor, “long time no see.” It has been six months since last I sent out an epistle. I am still living with more and more of the symptoms of dementia. And I am, at least until the results of my next MRI (in six months) cancer free. I am arising out of the fatigue and multiple insults to multiple organs of my body over the course of the past nine months. Unfortunately both the treatments (chemo therapy and radiation, and radical surgery (Ivo(or e)rs Lewis 10 hour operation procedure) and the esophageal cancer are now part of my past.

The fatigue, disorientation, deepened dementia symptoms, and did I mention the fatigue, are a part of my present; and according to my doctor, will remain with me for about seven more months. However I have now reached the point where I feel as if I have recovered enough to jump back into the world of dementia advocacy.

Since last I raised my voice; several more major drug trials have failed (nothing new), and my National Association has initiated two TV ad campaigns emphasizing the role death and suffering plays in the lives of Alzheimer’s “suffers” and suggesting “giving a little” will “produce a lot.” A lot of what is not really clear. However they do claim that with your donations “We will cure Alzheimer’s.” Just who “we” is, is also not really clear. Putting your support, money, and brain in their hands (after 20+ of failing to figure most anything out, and touting so many hopes that proved empty is very, very risky at best, and just plain ill-advised at worst.

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