Rogersville On The Registry

October 22, 2013
Suzette Molina, The Eden Alternative

Signature HealthCARE of Rogersville, Rogersville TN, joined the Eden Registry on October 16, 2013. This rural home is tucked away in the Tennessee Mountains with beautiful views from each of the 150 Elders rooms. Elders enjoy being outdoors soaking in the sun and the gorgeous courtyard that is complete with flowers, bird feeders, a fountain and a swing set.

They also enjoy visiting with friends and family in the gazebo or taking a stroll on the walking path that surrounds the home.  Mealtime is a complete with restaurant style service as care partner employees take great pride in offering a wide variety of choices and making sure that everyone receives the best meal experience possible.

Elders always have full access to snacks throughout the day and the kitchen stands ready to serve at any time. Herbs are harvested from the herb garden and are used in herbal recipe cooking class and then enjoyed by all. No two days are the same here as Elders drive the rhythm of daily life in this home; they decide what activities they would like to do, when to have ice cream socials or when to spontaneously go to town on outings. They are divided in to four neighborhoods each complete with their own theme, code of ethics and neighborhood council.

As smaller neighborhoods they welcome new Elders to the home, host socials, watch the big games together and work on fundraising project for the community.  The folks that live and work in Signature HealthCARE of Rogersville truly understand the meaning of well-being for all.

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Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement in such beautiful ways….I used to go to camp in the Tenn. mts. and wish I could be there today with you – looking up at the mts. and the sun!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! (Barbara – an Elder and Eden Associate at the wonderful Roch. Presb. Home in Rochester, NY


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