Sherbrooke Shines Light on Surplus Safety

March 25, 2019
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Last week, we revealed the theme of our 2020 Conference:  Move Mountains: Innovate. Collaborate. Get Results. If any organization can consistently show us how to innovate, collaborate and get results, it’s Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatchewan, Canada.   A recent article featured in CBC highlights Sherbrooke’s commitment to balancing upside risk with safety, to maximize the autonomy and self-expression of the Elders they serve.

As change agents, we understand how a rabid concern for safety can backfire and create helplessness and inhibit growth.  For others who aren’t familiar with person-directed practices, we have to peel back the onion a layer at a time to help people really understand how safety concerns can create other problems.  Suellen Beatty, CEO of Sherbrooke says it best in the CBC article, “Traditionally, the philosophies that have been used in long-term care have been kind of patriarchal, where we say we know what’s best for you.”

To get the whole story, read the entire article here.  And, please, share your own story below about how your organization is addressing concerns about surplus safety.

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Click here to see the full educational program for SherbrookePalooza.

Click here for a video interview with Suellen Beatty.

Click here for a video glimpse of Sherbrooke Community Centre.

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