Show, Don't Tell

February 04, 2014

“Show, don’t tell” That has been one of The Eden Alternative’s mottos for years, and few do it better than my beautiful daughter Hannah.  She turned 17 yesterday, Feb. 3, 2014.  Just days after she was born we were told it was doubtful she would see her first birthday. Yet, just like her older sister Haleigh (19), she had a different plan.

Hannah was gifted with an incredible love for life, and an unmatchable inner strength. But, that can only take you so far.

We are fortunate to have one of the most awesome care teams on earth and frankly, that is no exaggeration.  Each and every one of the care team members brings with them a wealth of skills and techniques that, when combined makes them an extraordinary group of care-givers and receivers.

Yet each of them would no doubt share with you that they have received more than they could have imagined.

When Bill and I started the Eden Alternative 20 years ago, we had a vague idea, at best, of what quality of care and quality of life really meant.  What we have been able to share with the world came directly from the teachings of these two special girls.

Every single day we feel the deepest gratitude for the gift of Haleigh and Hannah and the fabulous group of individuals who surround them with their loving care.  I believe without them, we may not have been lucky enough to be celebrating this 17th year!

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This is wonderful, Jude. Thank you for sharing! My mother had a wonderful care partner during the last 3 years of her life who was like a second daughter to her and a sister to me. When my mother died, Mary said “I just lost my best friend.” My dream is that everyone who receives long-term care at home or in a nursing home or assisted living community can have this experience which is one of the many reasons I am committed to culture change. Cathy Lieblich, Pioneer Network.


What a beautiful thing to do for your girls and wonderful tribute to your nursing staff for their loving care. We all have much to be thankful for. It’s been a full journey and we wish her many more years of the gifts she provides.


Thank you, Jude, for “showing” us a beautiful example of life at it is simplest and truest form…giving and receiving love. It is an honor to have joined the Eden Alternative team and I hope to see you in Nashville.


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