Small Home Big Hearts – St. Francis Assisted Living

September 02, 2016
Suzette Molina

St. Francis FrontSt. Francis Assisted Living in Forest City , AR,  joined the Eden Registry on August 18, 2016. A small home, in a small town filled with people that have big hearts. This is what you can expect to experience at St. Francis.  The employee care partners take great pride in providing a genuinely warm, loving environment for the 38 Elders that live here. They focus on providing choices and easy days that are not fixated on a rigid routine, but rather more on a slow, meaningful pace. It is the norm to see people relaxing, laughing, singing and enjoying time well spent together.  Much of the day is spent outside in the courtyard taking in the sun or tending to the vegetable gardens.  Many Elders enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with friends and family in their sweet little bistro called GiGi’s café.  On Sundays, the home is all a buzz with fellowship and services from the local church, it is a favorite day to relax and break bread together as a family.  Since they are centrally located between Memphis and Nashville they often get out and head to town for shopping and entertainment.   With all of this warmth and fellowship, it is not surprising that visitors comment on how wonderful it feels, smells, and sounds as they walk in the door.St. Francis Dining

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Congratulations to everyone at St. Francis Assisted Living. You have reached a monumental milestone on your journey to provide well-being and quality of life for your elders and staff care partners. Take Care and know that you have support and friendship from many Culture Change partners around the world.
Mary Kim Smith, RN
Eden Mentor Leader
Executive Director
Alzheimer’s Association (Mississippi)


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