Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper, and More Connected Life


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How are you going to know that you are outgrowing adulthood?

When you begin to feel that the life you have been living is out of balance; when the need to perform, to hurry, and to acquire is no longer compelling. 

In his latest book, Dr. Bill Thomas explains that a new life phase is beginning to emerge within our society.  When the Baby Boom generation came of age in the 1960s and 1970s, they jump-started a cultural revolution that shaped today’s society.  Now, many feel that they are living a life of frenzied disharmony.  This out-of-balance feeling is a signal that you are ready for your second coming af age, your life beyond adulthood.  Second Wind illuminates how to recognize and navigate the most challenging and fulfilling developmental stage of life.

Predicting that Boomers will choose the path of the Denialist, the Realist, or the Enthusiast, Dr. Thomas discusses the behaviors and attitudes that will provide new and more nourishing fuel for the rest of life’s journey: hope and a renewed sense of all that is possible.

“He’ll challenge the way you think about the future.  And you’ll want to make the journey with him.”              – Jane Pauley, author of Your Life Calling


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