The Eden Alternative Hits the Pioneer Network Conference

August 12, 2012
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative joined over a 1,000 culture change enthusiasts in Jacksonville, Florida, last weekend to kick off the Pioneer Network’s 12th National Conference, Building a Bridge to a New Culture in Aging.  On Sunday, the 5th of August, our own Dr. Al Power joined an all star line-up of speakers for a day-long intensive entitled “Relationship, Engagement and Purpose:  Living Life with Dementia.” A highlight of the conference for many conference-goers, the event focused on changing perspectives around how to support individuals living with dementia in the creation of meaningful lives.

Click here to see what Dr. Al Power has to say about this event.

Both Dr. Power and Eden Alternative Co-Founder, Dr. Bill Thomas made impactful appearances in the powerful film, Alive Inside:  A Story of Music & Memory, also featured at the conference.  This exquisite and deeply moving account of one man’s quest to transform the lives of people living with dementia through the power of music was a hit with attendees, requiring the addition of two more conference showings.   Check out this link to get a taste of the power behind this film, and don’t miss the video clip!

Click here to hear Dr. Al Power’s reflections on being a part of this landmark documentary by Michael Rossato-Bennett and Jeff Pinilla.

Dr. Bill Thomas also introduced attendees to his latest novel, Tribes of Eden, at two scheduled book group events.  Dr. Thomas shared insights into the characters and the story line of the book, offering perspective that only the author could provide.  Although markedly different in terms of style, the themes explored in the book share much in common with his earlier works. Some of the audience had read the book already while others left eager to get started.

From the Eden Alternative Home Office, CEO Chris Perna joined Eden Educator and Mentor, Nancy Fox of Vivage (formerly Pinon Management), to present neighborhood team development outcomes through the application of the new Neighborhood Guide Training.

Click here to hear from curriculum co-developer and Eden Educator and Mentor Sandy Ransom.

Click here, to learn more about this collaboration with Vivage from our CEO Chris Perna.

EA Community Builder, Denise Hyde, challenged session attendees to bust our paradigms and rethink traditional job descriptions and performance evaluations.  Denise’s presentation parallels the recent release of EA’s Paradigm Busters Webinar Series and the correlating Paradigm Busters Packet Series.  The paradigm-busting continued with a presentation by Meredith Eder (Vivage) and Amy Goeglein (Sava) focused on transforming the role of the activity professional, which offered a glimpse of what’s coming on September 18th, the date of our second webinar in the series.

EA Learning & Development Guide, Laura Beck joined Kim McRae and Walter Coffey of the Culture Change Network or Georgia  to share how coalitions can support the development of culture change ideals across the full continuum of care through strategic relationships and integrated education via Eden at Home.

Several additional members of The Eden Alternative’s extended family also made powerful contributions to the rich session line-up.  The conference was a huge success and an important opportunity to strengthen and focus the quest for meaningful change.

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