The Eden Alternative in The UK

March 03, 2014
Virgil Thomas,

This post comes to us courtesy of Eden Alternative UK & Ireland.

Mt Ephraim, a Greensleeves home, has built on their excellent start to their implementation of the Eden Alternative and in the last two years has taken it to another level. Eden is at the heart of everything that they do with empowerment of staff and residents a major feature.

Since the first validation they have built on their good relationships with local schools and now have a constant stream of teenage volunteers knocking on their door. A significant factor in this situation is the high profile that Mt Ephraim has in the town. The home is frequently in the local paper and the manager, Karen Cooper is the go-to person for comments on aged care matters for the local radio station.

They have a flexible approach to uniforms at Mt Ephraim. The day of our validation visit all the staff were dressed in their pyjamas to celebrate the Children in Need Appeal: an initiative from a junior staff member that delighted many of the residents. Age is no barrier to being active and engaged at Mt Ephraim.

One 100 year old has designed Mt Ephraim’s Christmas cards and another 100 year old for her birthday treat was able to fulfill her dream of playing the drums. It’s not just about doing what you’ve done but doing what you’ve always wanted to do.


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