The Eden Registry Welcomes Shalom Park

July 20, 2018
Suzette Molina

Shalom Park in Aurora, Colorado joined the Eden Registry on July 18, 2018. Shalom Park prides itself on making Elders feel at home.   The rich daily life is palpable.  This community was built as a residence in the early 1990’s by the Jewish community.  It is 140,000 square feet, including the Wellness Center, and does not feel or look institutional.  Elders are encouraged to provide suggestions and ideas that will improve their life and living spaces throughout the home.  This is evident when you walk through the doors of Shalom Park.  Upon entering, you will see a glass wall displaying the values and beliefs “Honor thy Father and thy Mother” that guide their organization.  Walls are lined with artwork and collections that were donated by members of the Denver Jewish community.  Many of these donated pieces have great stories and histories and portray the life of Judaic culture.

Shalom Park is very spacious and has many visiting areas, community rooms, neighborhood gathering spaces, dining rooms, synagogue, and a library. To create a sense of close community, they have divided themselves into three distinct neighborhoods: Terrace, Mountain View, and Penthouse. Each neighborhood was named by the Elders that live there.  In addition to spacious public spaces, each neighborhood has its own kitchen, dining room, social spaces, and conference rooms.  Windows are in abundance, bringing in plenty of natural light.  They have wonderful courtyards, balconies and outdoor spaces for Elders to spend time outside with a book, family, or friends. If you came for a visit, you would find residents reading; using It’s Never 2 Late, an adaptive technology platform; listening to music; or chatting and visiting.  Dogs are in abundance and loved by all.

Shalom Park prides itself on the beautiful narrative care plan stories that integrate the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being.  Neighborhood teams are consistently assigned, so that relationships are close and continuing.  Elders make their own choices and set their own routines. In addition, they have the opportunity to attend weekly religious services and seek support from clergy, in addition to the Rabbi.  Along with Shabbat services held on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, they also have Catholic and Christian services weekly. This year, they started a “Word of the Week” flyer to encourage Elders and employee care partners to learn about each other’s languages and cultures. The Word of the Week flyer includes words frequently used in several different languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, and English.

Lastly, this community is proud to share that they have worked very hard over the last 4 years to complete Milestone 1 and meet the requirements for Eden Registry membership.






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