April 17, 2023

The Groundwork and The Framework Bundle

By Kristi Doan, Community Builder

The Eden Alternative®

I am excited to introduce our newest course bundle that includes The Framework: Reveal the Possibilities and The Groundwork: Rethink Your Paradigm. Growing and adjusting as an organization, as our world became highly virtual starting in 2020, pushed us to develop two courses that cover the basics of the Eden Alternative approach to person-directed care.  These courses take you deeper into the transformations required to create and support a home where well-being is experienced by all.

These courses provide the same core education as our Certified Eden Associate Training, though in a more compact self-study format. As one of the faculty for The Groundwork, I am excited for people to dive into learning how to transform their mindset, relationships, practices, language, and culture to support lives worth living.

One of my favorite phrases that we say regularly here at the Eden Alternative is “Words Make Worlds.” In this course, you’ll be taught how our language affects our own behavior, the behavior of those around you, and how language then creates the environment in which you live and work.

The move from deficit-based language to language that is both strength-based and person-first, is one that takes ongoing focus and dedication.  By leaning into this approach, personal transformation can happen. It can genuinely change the way you think and therefore, behave. This course gives you real life examples and challenges you to notice and consider how you use language in both your personal and professional life.

Although it is not a substitute for the Certified Eden Associate Training, this bundle is a great option for communities that do not have easy access to live or in-person classes. Eden Growth and Certified Member organizations must have employees educated in the Eden Approach, and this is a great way to support careforce development.

These courses present a solid foundation in person-directed care. In addition, they provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals to learn more about becoming a change agent by recognizing the value of being well-known (The Groundwork), and by showing how to put the Ten Principles of The Alternative® into action (The Framework).

I hope you’ll join me and the other amazing faculty of these two foundational courses in exploring the Eden Approach and learning how you can do what you’re already doing, differently. Check out the course bundle here: https://www.edenalt-evolve.org/bundles/the-groundwork-the-framework