The Kitchen Table

June 29, 2016
Jen Quinones

kitchen tableI recently watched a video about finance.  The speaker began by explaining why he had an old beat-up kitchen table on stage. He talked about the history of that kitchen table, which came from his home.  Although he discussed it very briefly, the kitchen table has not left my mind.

I could not help to think about my own kitchen table. I love my table. It is a butcher’s table with black farm chairs and it has moved around with me for the past sixteen years. Even though it is slightly too big for my current kitchen, I can never part with it. It was not until now, that I realized my kitchen table is priceless.

The memories are all coming back. I see the kids when they were so little, laughing, singing, blowing out their birthday candles. Our families cutting the turkey and enjoying a Thanksgiving meal, as we went around the table announcing what we were thankful for. Loved ones who have since gone to heaven. I can see them sitting there, enjoying their coffee and chatting up a storm. New beginnings with a grandchild sitting and painting with grandma. Tearful moments, happy moments, some sad goodbyes, and many prayers as we all held hands while sitting at the table.

Imagine the kitchen tables that belong to the Elders we serve. What stories do they tell? What history can we learn from them? What cherished memory can bring them a moment of joy?

In our community, we have dining tables throughout our neighborhoods, where Elders gather for a cup of coffee or tea to share their kitchen table stories. Those who struggle remembering things on an average day, always manage to find a preserved memory of a special time in their life that unfolded at their kitchen table.

You see, it’s no longer just a kitchen table. It is a place where memories are created. A place where we can sit and reminisce. A place where our hearts are filled with life and stories we love to tell.

The next time you look at a kitchen table, look with your soul. Ask an Elder to share a kitchen table memory. Then, be prepared to open your heart and embrace the moment because, chances are, you will have kitchen table story much like it someday.

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Thank you for the lovely story, Jen! A sweet way to begin the day…


An item, whether it is a piece of furniture, or a small memento, that brings us in touch with our memories is so valuable.You have framed this so well—it is very touching!


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