Trinity's Art Show

December 12, 2013
Suzette Molina, The Eden Alternative

This story comes to us by way of our Registry Member, Trinity Living Center.

Trinity Living Center, an Eden Registry Member home in Western Pennsylvania, recently held an Art Show.

Two local artists have been conducting classes at the home over the last few months.  Many Elders’ works were displayed.  One Elder, Becky, recently lost her husband who had also resided at Trinity Living Center.  She was suffering from loss and depression when she discovered her hidden talent.  Becky has submitted her art work at local county fairs and won first place.

Now, she is not only an accomplished artist, but she also assists in our visiting artist classes.

She has discovered another talent of teaching with patience as she helps her neighbors learn this great means of expression.  On Nov. 15, the Elders dressed in their finest as they hosted an Art Show demonstrating their work.

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