Twenty Neighborhood Guides Have Their Roadmap to the Future

February 24, 2013
Denise Hyde

Twenty individuals became Neighborhood Guides at the end of a five-day training experience in Rochester, New York this past week. Sixteen attendees were from Kirkhaven Transitional & Long-Term Care in Rochester and four were from Schlegel Villages in Ontario, Canada. When asked to summarize what the experience was like, they offered the following comments.

“We have a true understanding of culture change being more than just our jobs. Now we know what it really means to put the Elders first. We’ve learned how to utilize the tools included in the curriculum to partner with the Elders. I have a clear vision of what we are trying to do day-to-day.”

“We have a deeper understanding of what it means to grow empowered teams. The Neighborhood Guide curriculum gives us a roadmap to develop a team-directed approach to elder-centered living in the neighborhoods or households. The curriculum provides a BIG bag of tools to build strong functional teams.”

“It was a fantastic and powerful week being introduced to new and different ideas to help our teams grow. We have been provided with education and motivation to create a positive journey. This is our next step for growth. We are enriched and inspired to go back; incredible opportunities lie ahead of us.”

Neighborhood Guide Training brings clarity for leadership to turn consistently assigned individuals into a empowered teams that can be active participants in improving the quality of care and quality of life for the Elders and their care partners. Are you in need of a roadmap to take your teams to next level of growth? Attend or host a Neighborhood Guide Training in 2013!

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