UK Study Finds Use of Psychotropic Drugs Nearly Eliminated Under Eden Alternative

July 07, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor,

The UK-based Accord Housing Association is reporting a dramatic fall in the number of residents being prescribed psycotropic drugs from 47% to just 2% since adopting the Eden Alternative philosophy.

The association conducted a trial study to reduce the use of psycotropic drugs through the Eden Alternative approach among 21 residents and completely eliminated the drugs in all but one participant in the study, reported, a social housing and public sector news website in England:

Lisa Johnston, Manager of Bennett House Care Home, which uses the Eden Alternative, said: “The changes we have seen here since we adopted the Eden approach have been massive. It has changed things for everyone, all for the better. Residents are happier, so are staff. It’s a real pleasure coming to work.” reports that 800,000 people in the UK live with dementia. Symptoms can include loss of memory, confusion and problems with speech and understanding.The Eden Alternative has trained over 17,000 Eden Associates and is adopted in more than 300 registered care homes in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.


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Just ran across this information forwarded by a friend / writer in the wellness arena. I am a longevity / anti-aging researcher…and the co-author of a groundbreaking book due out in about 6 months which turn conventional medical wisdom upside down regarding the obesity epidemic in America. We were successful in connecting the dots…it’s the chemical toxins in our food and water causing metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. The skyrocketing rate of dementia / Alzheimer’s also falls within the same chemical paradigm. I am looking forward to visiting the Eden Alternative facility in Jackson, MS to learn more about this non-drug program.


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