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Overview and Materials

The Path to Mastery™: The Art of Creating a Caring Community is divided into four Milestones. Within each Milestone are specific steps designed to prepare organizations for the next Milestone. The steps for each Milestone are organized into three types of transformation: Personal, Organizational or Physical. Click here to view a webinar about how the Milestones all fit together, what they each focus on and the resources available to support their accomplishment. Click here to view a webinar on how to break a Milestone into bite-sized pieces so it can be mastered in a meaningful way with your team.

Eden Registry Members all begin with Milestone 1, capturing their story and tracking their success. When that Milestone is complete, they can move on to the next Milestone again capturing their story and tracking their success. It is anticipated that as an organization receives the next Milestone, they may recognize that they have already begun or completed some of the next steps. The mastery of each Milestone will be noted on the website which will assist Registry Members in connecting with one another and inform consumers what to expect when accessing services from the organization.

Above are the links to the Milestone documents and the accompanying support materials. New educational programs and materials have been developed to support the accomplishment of the steps within the Milestones. Registry Members should download the free toolkit for each Milestone and review the purchase toolkit to learn about the additional resources that have been created.

An Eden Path to Mastery Guide consultant is also available should an organization decide they want some extra support to move through the Milestones. Contact the Eden Alternative Home Office if you would like to learn more about the Eden Guides.

As organizations grow in their expertise and creativity in how to implement the Eden Alternative Philosophy and Principles, it is anticipated that additional Milestones will be developed. It is an ongoing journey!

Milestone Flow Charts

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. To assist organizational leaders in determining how best to connect the various Milestone steps and implement them, The Eden Alternative has developed a flow chart for each Milestone. The flow charts do not show every single step, but capture the bulk of the steps within each Milestone. The steps are brought together in boxes where similar ideas or transformation efforts and linked together. The arrows suggest how the process can flow through the Milestone. For example, you will be able to see that as you strengthen the box on education, with the arrowed lines, it impacts things such as leadership growth, implementation plans or organizational transformation. It will become clearer as you view each flow chart. If you have questions, or would like to schedule time to strategize with the Eden Alternative home office team, contact Denise Hyde ( or Kris Angevine (

Milestone 1 Flow Chart

Milestone 2 Flow Chart

Milestone 3 Flow Chart

Milestone 4 Flow Chart