Venetian Care and Rehabilitation Joins the Eden Registry

September 21, 2016
Suzette Molina

lobby-bistroVenetian Care and Rehabilitation Center in South Amboy, NJ, joined the Eden Registry on August 29, 2016. This beautiful new community completed in 2014 is home to 180 empowered Elders. Venetian was intentionally designed to create a sense of smallness and community at the same time.  Elders’ rooms are warm and cozy and most a have a gorgeous view of the ocean.  Throughout the home, there are lots of beautiful community spaces, including multiple dining rooms, recreational areas, libraries, gardens, and an always open bistro for light cuisine. Marge Garrity, the resident council president, said even though the exterior looks fancy “it’s the people who make the home, not the belongings inside it.” This is why care partner employecooking-classes here work so hard to make each day full and meaningful.  Clubs are one way for Elders to get involved and engaged.  Some favorites include the Baby Boomers Poker Club, a men’s group, the Red Hatters group, and the Spanish club. There are also sensory groups each day for Elders that are living with memory loss. If good food is what you seek, then you will not be disappointed, because they prepare every meal from scratch. Nothing frozen or prepackaged is served here. Stop in sometime to see the special rehab Garden or sit a spell in the Bistro with a nice hot cup of coffee. You won’t be disappointed and you are sure to leave feeling very warm and satisfied.buzy-bee-craft-sale

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Welcome to the Eden philosophy and your journey into a wonderful world of sharing, caring and understanding that aging is another chapter in life that embraces the past, present & the future!!!!


Welcome to the Eden Alternative family, what a wonderful journey you are embracing!!

Lee Ann Johnson
October 7, 2016 12:29 pm

I have recently joined a home as a dietary Manager and we are incorporating the Eden Alternative. I am looking for some Ideas on how to incorporate this into our Kitchen area and any food advice from others. We are leaving the kitchen open so all can come and go and eat as they get up with out being waken in early hours. Do you have any Ideas that you could share with me Please so I may help make this a successful experience for all our people living with us.


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