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April 27, 2014
Kavan Peterson, Editor,

Join us April 30 to May 2 for exclusive livestream video coverage of the 7th Eden Alternative International Conference in Nashville.

Watch live and join the conversation via Live Chat to ask questions and participate in the broader social media conversation spreading inspiration and helping create well-being for all, across the continuum of care. Follow @EdenAlt and Hashtag #EdenCon14 for livestream updates and real time conversation.

LIVE Streaming Schedule Below (all times CENTRAL)

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Thursday, May 1

08:30am – 10:00am CST – Opening General Session — Resonate Well-Being

This thought-provoking event gets its inspiration from TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Kicking off a day-long focus on well-being, a series of brief EDEN Talks will highlight out-of-the-box thinking that will generate fresh perspective and ideas for participants. This general session focuses on the Domain of Growth and supports mastery in Milestone 2.

Featured Speakers include Bill Thomas, MD; Rayne Stroebel; Janet Taylor, MD; and E. Renee Kennedy, RN

11:30am – 12:00pm CST – A Tree Without Roots Will Fall Over

Members of the Rolling Fields’ leadership team will explore the integration of material from Eden Alternative Neighborhood Guide Training into their Eden family gatherings.

Featured Presenters:  Lisa Yuhaschek, RN; Sara King; Julie Wallace

12:00pm — 12:30pm CST — Growing Team is Good Business

Successful organizations are committed to the following three components of organizational development strategy: Quality Product, Team Growth, and the Long-Term Success of the organization. This session will highlight one leader’s application of Neighborhood Guide Training to creating a sustainable framework for organizational transformation.

Featured Presenter: Chris Cheek, MBA

1:30pm — 2:00pm CST — From Admissions into Welcoming: Transforming the Experience of “Moving In”

This session will focus on research project findings highlighting perceptions of the “moving-in” or admission process.

Featured Presenters: Paramjit Kalkat, OT; Kit Chan, BSc, RD

2:30pm — 3:00pm CST — Well-being and the Empowered Workforce: Respect, Relationships and Growth

The core values of empowered staff and meaningful life form the foundation for the Green House model.The coaching style of leadership sets the stage to empower both individuals (Shahbazim and Clinical Support Team members) and build empowered Self-Managed Work Teams (SMWTs).

Featured Presenter: Susan Frazier RN, MA

3:00pm — 3:30pm CST — Changing the World One Village at a Time!

Well-being is strengthened when the whole community works as one. Having meaning and purpose in our lives, regardless of age or ability, makes life worth living. As members of the Global Village, we have a need to be connected to the world.

Featured Presenters: Colleen Pylypow, BA Advanced; Deb Schick, RN; Kelly Salmon, BA

3:30pm — 4:00pm — Risky Business: Honoring the Elder’s Voice in Activities

Have you considered joining Elders on a vacation to Myrtle Beach or Disney World? How about exciting excursions, such as parasailing or whitewater rafting? In this session, you will not only learn how to coordinate similar events, but also, how to empower the voices of the Elders in high risk situations.

Featured Presenters: Angie McAllister; Chris Cox

4:15pm – 5:00pm CST — Resonate Well-Being – General Session TED-talks

This closing session picks up where the morning session left off, featuring more thought-provoking topics inspired by TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” The day’s focus on well-being concludes with another series of brief EDEN Talks, highlighting out-of-the-box thinking that will generate fresh perspective and ideas for participants. This general session focuses on the Domain of Growth and supports mastery in Milestone 2.

Featured Speakers include: Suellen Beatty, MSc, BScN; David Sprowl, MPA; Brian Steeves, MD, and Karen Stobbe

Friday, May 2

10:30am – 11:30am CST — Eden Alternative International Panel 

The flexibility of the Eden Alternative ensures that it can be effectively implemented in any country or culture. Many of the ideas implemented in one country owe their genesis to ideas from another. We each take what appeals to us, adapt it as necessary and implement. The International Regional Coordinators, in a series of short presentations based on the Domains of Well-Being, will share how they have adapted the philosophy in their individual countries. We hope that you will be able to take at least one idea, apply your own particular spin, and try it yourself. This peer group focuses on the Domain of Meaning and supports mastery in Milestone 2.

Featured Panelists: Aase Porsmose, Eden Denmark; June Burgess, The Eden Alternative UK & Ireland; Rannveig Guðnadóttir, Eden Alternative Iceland; Sally Hopkins, Eden in OZ & NZ Ltd; Cheryl George, Eden Health Solutions; Rayne Stroebel, Eden Alternative South Africa.

11:30am – 12:30pm CST — Bringing Elders & Youth Together Through Story & Understanding

Building Bridges: Bringing Elders & Youth Together Through Story & Understanding is a special intergenerational multi-day event at the Eden Alternative International Conference. Its goal is to empower young people, ages 11 to 15, to explore the Eden Alternative Principles through Eden Apprentice Training and the power of legacy in collaboration with an Elder Storyteller. Join the track facilitators and a panel of youth and Elder participants to learn how this experience weaves culture change philosophy into our social fabric, creating integrated, supportive communities that position Elders as the peacemakers, wisdom givers, and legacy creators we so dearly need. This general session focuses on the Domain of Connectedness and supports mastery in Milestone 4.

12:30pm – 2:00pm CST — Eden Alternative Awards Ceremony

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm CST — Closing General Session – Leadership by Design: Creating an Environment of Effectiveness

Most leaders agree that culture is the critical factor in organizational performance, but struggle to define it, measure it, or change it. As a result, organizations that “get culture right” seem magical, but those who try to replicate their success usually end up frustrated and cynical. John King, author of the New York Times Best Seller Tribal Leadership, will focus on the Fundamental Stages of Effectiveness, how to diagnose challenges, and how to advance your organization through the stages. Participants will leave prepared to grow their leadership capacity and build strong tribes ready to achieve more than any single individual can accomplish alone.

Featured Speaker: John King, author of Tribal Leadership

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