Welcome, Cottage Garden

February 02, 2015
Suzette Molina


Cottage Garden, a family care home in Goshen, Indiana joined The Eden Alternative registry on January 23, 2015.

The owners/operators of this small home knew that they wanted to create a home where they can live and where Elders can thrive and grow.  So from the first pour of the foundation to last shingle on the roof they kept their Mission that “Cottage Garden exists to provide a home where Elders thrive and are well known, surrounded by the companionship of family and friends. 

We will provide excellent care, and nurture reciprocal relationships, where the synthesis of life experiences can be celebrated and shared,” front and center.  Currently, three Elders call Cottage Garden home but they are making the way for three more to join them in the near future. A feeling of connectedness, meaning and joy is at the core during the planning and preparation of each meal and activity during the course of the day.

Elders and care partner employees spend a lot of time sitting around the dining room table eating, sharing stories, preparing meals and playing games.   Days may also be spent out shopping, reading the newspaper in the den or listening to someone play songs on the piano. Cottage Garden seeks to provide well-being for all that live and work there and one care partner employee sums this up perfectly by saying “Working here is amazing… not just because of the care we are providing, but also how we’re being cared for…”

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Welcome Cottage Garden…. Your community sounds so lovely. Those are three very blessed Elders to be the first to make Cottage Garden their home. All the best to you on your journey.
Mary Kim Smith, RN
Eden Mentor Leader and Educator
Jackson, Ms.


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