Welcome Dugan Home!

September 05, 2014
Suzette Molina

Daisy handDugan Home in West Point, MS joined the Eden Registry on August 28, 2014.  Located on Main Street in the historic district of West Point Mississippi, they are home to 60 Elders. This Christian-based community is cultivating a bountiful Human Habitat that is filled with all the essential elements for growth. They have warmed the soil by ensuring that all who live and work there have days and night filled with meaningful engagement. They have strong community connections that include visits from children, spontaneous outings, and generous volunteers that are instrumental in this thriving home’s success.

The employee care partners take great pride in honoring the Elders’ choices for activity, delicious meals, and deep long lasting relationships.  It is very common to see Elders relaxing on the front porch with friends and family, gathering in the dining room enjoying hot coffee and conversation or playing a friendly yet competitive game of dominoes.  When folks come in for a visit they often say it just “feels different” here and that can be attributed to the care partner motto which is “we work in their home.”  They say that motto is at the heart of what drives daily life. With Elders at the core of all decisions, it is no wonder they are thriving.


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Sounds like the folks at Dugan Home know a thing or two about creating a real home. Welcome to the Eden Registry!


Welcome Duncan House!
We are all so happy for all of you. Please know there are many friends here in Mississippi and around the world ready to support you.
Mary Kim Smith, Peach Tree Village, Brandon, Ms. marykim@sentrycare.com


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