Welcome to the Eden Family Tufte Manor

April 18, 2016
Suzette Molina

Tufte Manor in Grand Forks, North Dakota, joined the Eden Registry on April 13, 2016. This is a special place with special people living and working here. They enjoy tTufte Manor Eldershe fact that they are located in a neighborhood where they are actively involved in the community. They often get comments from visitors that it feels like home when you pull into the driveway and walk into the front door. The Elders and employee care partners spend quality time doing spontaneous things like singing, going to town shopping, and eating lots of ice cream. The employee care partners are educated on the Ten Principles and they are woven into every aspect of care in this home. EldTufte Manorers are encouraged to decorate and furnish their rooms to suit their individual tastes and preferences. If you come in for a visit you will be welcomed with a big smile and open arms. It is no wonder why one Tufte Manor Elder, Mark, says “he loves living here and that the people that work here are truly a godsend.”

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