Welcome The Garden’s at Depugh to the Eden Registry

June 13, 2017
Suzette Molina

The Gardens at Depugh Nursing Center in Winter Park, Florida joined the Eden Alternative Registry on May 25, 2017. Home to 40 Elders they are situated on a historic 2.5-acre site in lovely downtown Winter Park. This beautiful home features a Sensory Garden surrounded by large oak trees, a walking path, and a charming gazebo, where Elders and guests can enjoy the outdoors. The outdoor Sensory Garden creates a therapeutic experience by engaging each of the five senses. Inside the garden you will find citrus trees (smell), a butterfly garden (sight),  a Tripoli fountain (sound), an herb garden (taste), and a multi-surface Rehab track (touch). In addition to the sensory garden, they host a community garden, where folks from the community can come and enjoy gardening with the Elders.  Days begin with the smell of bacon and hot coffee, as everyone eases into a very productive and meaningful day. While there is much to do on the schedule, there are also plenty of spontaneous activities one can join.  There are opportunities to take walks into town for shopping, watch movies, play on the IPad or just sit out on the patio chatting with family and friends.  Come by for a visit, and you can see what it looks like to live in a community filled with love, compassion, and genuine care.

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That’s amazing!!! Great job nothing like a warm, inviting culture.


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