Welcome Hillside Pines

December 02, 2014
Suzette Molina

pumpkinHillside Pines joined the Eden Alternative registry on November 26, 2014.

Located in the Town of Bridgewater on Nova Scotia’s picturesque South Shore they are home to fifty Elders.  Each day begins at a leisurely pace with a nice hot homemade breakfast with plenty of healthy options. The meal experience is important to everyone in the home so they work hard to provide an atmosphere that encourages conversation combined with delicious, healthy homemade options.

There are plenty of snack choices available 24/7 for those moments in between meals when you want a little treat. Days are filled with spontaneous activities such as gardening in the raised flower beds, visiting with family and friends in the beautiful courtyard or heading out in the van for a special treat.

Elders enjoy quality time each week with volunteers of all ages. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s when the hair stylist comes in you can find the salon filled with energy and chatter.  The Elder Council is very active and is heavily involved in the planning of activities and provides valuable feedback to the kitchen around the menu and meal experience. 

If you come by for a visit you should hang out for a while, sit down for a meal and you will undoubtedly be able to experience their Mission statement…”high quality individualized growth in a homelike atmosphere, focused on our Elders,” in action.

To learn more about their  mission and journey contact Marisa Eisner.



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A big Eden Alternative welcome to Hillside Pines!


Welcome Hillside Pines to the Eden Alternative Family. You have friends around the world ready to help you on your journey. Enjoy the road ahead.
Mary Kim Smith, RN
Eden Mentor Leader/Eden Educator
Brandon, Mississippi


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