Welcome Signature Healthcare at Colonial to the Eden Registry

July 16, 2017
Suzette Molina

Signature Healthcare at Colonial in Bardstown, Kentucky joined the Eden Registry on June 29, 2017. Located in the historic and beautiful town of Bardstown, there are 55 Elders who call this amazing place home. Bardstown is so quaint that according to USA Today and Rand McNally it is “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America. The wonderful care partner employees and Elders that live and work here further reflect that beauty. Visitors often say that they feel like they are at home, when they walk through the front doors.

Elder’s take pride in their surroundings by decorating their rooms with personal items of their choice and assisting with the gardening around the home. Mornings at Colonial begin with hot coffee, tea, or juice followed by a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Boredom is not a problem at this home because there are plenty of activities to engage in.  Days are filled with laughter, games, and relaxation on the patio. Recently, the care partner employees took it upon themselves to plan, fund, and execute one of the best events this home has ever offered to the community. Through careful planning, wonderful ideas, and the hard work, over $600 was raised for the Elder Dream Vacation fund. Even when there was a last minute change of plans due to the weather, the Elders and the community were able to enjoy a wonderful Carnival Day filled with food, fun, and entertainment. Signature Healthcare at Colonial is a place where Elders come to grow, learn and build lasting relationships.

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Adele Grubb
July 17, 2017 3:20 am

Good morning to all at Healthcare at Colonial,

I as the matron of Amberfield Care Centre would like to make your acquaintance, and to share how you are making progress with the Eden Philosophy.

I attended the two day training recently here in South Africa, and found it the most inspiring course done in my nursing career.

We have a facebook page that can be followed.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Adele Grubb


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