Welcome Signature HealthCARE of Hart County Rehab and Wellness to the Eden Registry

January 09, 2018
Suzette Molina

Signature Healthcare of Hart County in Horse Cave, Kentucky, joined the Eden Registry on December 26, 2017. This beautiful home is located close to the famous Mammoth Cave and the downtown historic district of Horse Cave. This town is a sight to see because of the early 20th Century buildings that land them a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Scenery is a given here, but that is not all of what makes this place so special. This home is special because the care partner team believes in creating home. They believe that “nice matters here…love matters here…people are genuine here.”

Elders are empowered and encouraged to live a purposeful life. They have an Elder-run men’s group that is creating woodworking crafts, while others create crafts to sell them in the General Store. Proceeds go to raising money for fabulous Elder vacations. It is exciting when community members and stakeholders buy their products, and even better when they stay for a cup of coffee in the café.

The General Store/Café has been such a hit that they have been highlighted in the local newspaper for their hospitality and goods. When you walk into this home, it is not just a pretty building with a fancy courtyard. Days begin slowly with hot coffee, morning prayer, and delicious food. The day continues with meaningful activities, meaningful relationships and ends with a full service meal featuring lots of choices. In the warmer months, there is much to do outside in the gardens and the kids come all summer long for camp. If it’s cold outside, they just take it all inside. This home is always buzzing with love and laughter.  The Elders living here would like to invite you to come by for a visit and let them show you what it means to be home.

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