Welcome Signature Healthcare of Roanoke Rapids

August 17, 2018
Suzette Molina

Signature Healthcare of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina joined the Eden Registry on August 2, 2018. Signature Healthcare of Roanoke Rapids, nestled in a residential neighborhood welcomes visitors with beautiful landscaping and pots overflowing with flowers.  Elders often sit outside, watching the local wildlife and welcoming visitors. It feels like coming home, says the Roanoke Rapids team.  In addition to new flooring and newly painted walls, the community has created open dining in Rockfish Café, where residents enjoy a relaxed environment, numerous cooked-from-scratch choices, family-style tables and buffet dining options.  The café is open morning to night, so that Elders can live their lives according to their own schedules.

Nature is a focus of the community.  The team recently revitalized the courtyard area, which features a fish pond and bird feeders.  Each department director teamed up with a team member to adopt a flower pot, choosing the plants and potting them.  Elders nurture and take care of the community flowers and plants.  This engagement brings meaning to the outdoor space. 

Even more important than the physical aspects of the community, however, is the culture that exists.  Team members and residents are part of the solution and are excited about the role they play in the community.  Residents run a community store, lead programs, and teach children that participate in the community’s summer camp.  Residents take an active role in welcoming new team members and conduct fundraisers to purchase gifts for the team.  The engagement works.  As one team member told us, “I wake up and want to come to work every day.  In other places, I worked with co-workers, here I work with family.”

The focus on driving a culture of person-directed care has made a big difference in the community, says Administrator/CEO Kim Stallings.  As Kim says, “It’s helped us to step up from our A game to our A-plus game.”  We look forward to hearing more great things about this community and the work they’re doing!

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