Welcome, Willow Lodge

July 30, 2013
Suzette Molina, The Eden Alternative

Willow Lodge, Home for Special Care in Tatamagouche, NS joined the Eden Registry on July 24, 2013. All 61 Elders in this home live in one of three neighborhoods, each with its own unique culture and style. Elders enjoy relaxing on the porches which were formally nurses stations and visiting with friends and family.

In the afternoons during tea time you may see care partners, Elders and families catching up with each other over a something sweet and coffee or tea in the Willow Cup Café.   In the back yard you will find a big red barn built to house the goats and pony that are cared for by the Elders each day.

Elders also enjoy Willow Park, a garden complete with a WhisperGlide Swing, colored walkways, and planned secluded areas for them and their families. Thoughtfully placed plants, landscape and animals make this a popular place to be. As you walk over the bridge you will see a little waterfall in the pond.

There is a swing set for young children and the Elders enjoying watching you play. Relationships are valued and cultivated at the Resident and Family Councils meetings that are held each month.  Spontaneity and variety are important to the folks at Willow lodge so much so that they raised the funds to purchase the McKay Van, which is a small vehicle available for Elders and their families to use to run errands or go shopping.

They are truly a caring, connected community with the Elders directing how to fill each day with meaning and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Eden Alternative family.


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Check out this fantastic description of Willow Lodge, our newest Registry Member. Also, enjoy the photo gallery. http://t.co/ryh1I4ZCgP


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