Where’s the Passion?

December 30, 2013
Denise Hyde

What feeds your passion in caring for Elders? Is it the state and federal regulations? Is it the quality measures you are tracking? Is it the new guidelines coming out with the Affordable Care Act? Is it QAPI? Is it reducing antipsychotic drug use or “unnecessary” hospitalizations? It would appear that these types of issues are what draws forth the passions of those committed to Eldercare because that is all that is talked about lately; and maybe it is. But is that enough to truly revolutionize the care of Elders forever?

What about the idea that today, there are thousands of Elders who are suffering from loneliness, that have fallen into a pit of helplessness, or whose lives are so routinized that they have given into unending boredom (Eden Alternative Principle One)?  Does it stir your passion to see all the meaning and purpose being stripped away from an Elder’s life because they are seen as a series of diagnoses and behavioral issues rather than fully human being with hopes, dreams and the need to contribute to the greater good (Eden Alternative Principles Six and Seven)? Are you frustrated because an Elder who needs daily support, has to trade all their freedom to make choices, learn new things, and take risks, forever (Eden Alternative Principles Eight and Nine)?

Customer service consultants remind leaders that it is important for their companies to have a social conscience; to tap into people’s passions. Pay attention to the ads you receive from various companies or what you see when you visit different stores. It is “in vogue” to support a greater social cause in order to appeal to a broader customer base. This is a good thing – and something you can leverage as a leader driving person-directed care.

The Eden Alternative’s Mission is: “To improve the well-being of Elders and those who care for them by transforming the communities in which they live and work.” It is a cause that no one person can accomplish alone – it takes many wise leaders on the journey to be successful. It is a social cause that all Registry Members have at their fingertips!

What do you think? Is passion alive and thriving in the culture change movement or can we do more? Are you willing to step up and be a principle-centered leader that stirs your own passions, and those around you? How are you using the Ten Principles and Domains of Well-Being from The Eden Alternative to call people to do what is right and good, connecting to their deepest passions about Eldercare? Let’s all make a commitment to fan the flames and revolutionize Eldercare even more in 2014!

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Barbara Smullen
December 30, 2013 6:42 pm

I really like this A LOT, Denise…and I think it is very timely. As winter sets in and the days are so often gray or dark, passion for lots of things ebbs away….we need to find ways to get excited again about all the things we usually feel passionate about…all that is Eden, and all the other things: our families, our work, a dream of travel, the passion of sports…and so much more…let us resolve to enter 2014 filled with passion for the sheer joy of being alive, and, for those of us who are Elders, for the sheer joy of re-living our memories of all the most passionate times in our life…and praise God we can re-member and re-live !!! Ask an Elder today to name three passions in their life ? Listen carefully to the response and you will be enriched!


Great thoughts to get the fire of passion burning inside as we start the new year. Let’s stoke it and keep it going throughout the year!


RT @edenalt: Can there be care without passion? http://t.co/0AgK3bVMku


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