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February 28, 2013
Meredith Martin, The Eden Alternative

“Change means we must always be learning and problem solving rather than just doing things the way they have always been done.”

Theresa Kirksey of the Arkansas Culture Change blog writes a great post about the need for creative problem solving on the culture change journey. One of the homes in her organization, Lonoke Health and Rehabilitation, is working with state regulators to overcome state codes blocking them from allowing pets in their home. Working with a specialist in the Arkansas Office of Long Term Care’s environmental section, the staff has come up with a plan to allow one resident to keep her teacup poodle without violating state code.

Long-term care professionals know how to write care plans, so why not write one for our furry friends? Plan who will take care of the home’s pets:  Residents, staff and family, the nursing home community (yes, the nursing home community), neighbors … get the idea?  That is true change — residents may not have all aspects of their old way of life, but they can start a new life in their nursing home community with their pet.It didn’t take long before

Read the entire blog post here.

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