September 13, 2022

Why Membership?

An Overview on the What & Why of Membership

Patrick Bultema, CEO
Tuesday September 13, 2022

Yesterday, we came out with big news at The Eden Alternative … namely a whole new Membership offering launching later this month.  I’m writing now to explain why we’re launching this new membership offering, and to give a quick overview of the Eden Membership.

Why We Are Launching Membership

First, the why.  Over the years, we have trained more than 50,000 people on person-directed care and the Eden approach.  As a result, we have scores of people committed to the Eden ideals all around the world.  But we haven’t made it easy to stay connected and we know many people have simply drifted away. 

Membership As a Way to Belong

Our new membership program is designed to create a tighter community of belonging.  In part, we’ll do that by giving our members multiple, high value content deliverables each and every month.  This will include things such as newsletters, white papers, research reports, and quick videos that reinforce Eden concepts, principles, and practices.  We will also offer a variety of online ways to connect and share experiences.  So again, one element of our new membership program is about belonging, and staying connected with the ideas, ideals, and community of like-minded people.  

Membership Makes It Easier To Implement the Eden Approach

But the other big element of our new Eden Membership program is making it easier to implement the Eden approach.  In the past, that’s been the Eden Registry and Path to Mastery.  While we know the Path to Mastery has been transformative for many communities, we also know it has its issues.  The Registry and Path to Mastery have been somewhat inflexible and sequential in nature.  Often this has created the perception, and sometimes reality, of being hard to implement.  That’s why we are creating a new, more flexible, and easier to implement approach we’re referring to as the Eden “Tracks” and “Practices”. 

The Eden Approach as Tracks & Practices

You can think of the Tracks as themes, or logical groupings.  And the Practices are the individual processes and actions you implement to embody the Eden ideals and principles.  I’ll have more to say about this in another blog.  Early feedback on all of this has been incredible.  From Eden insiders, we often hear comments like, “Wow, I wish we had all of this when we were first implementing the Eden Approach!”

Making it Easy to Join

We are also making it more accessible and inviting to join and get started with Eden.  Your organization can join as a General member.  At this level, you get the deliverables and many of the benefits, but you don’t have to do anything.  It’s a good way to get started and learn.  But you can also progress to a Growth member.  That means you’re starting to work on implementing Eden at your community.  Or, you can achieve the gold-standard and become a Certified Eden organization member.  This means you have implemented a critical mass of Eden Practices, and truly embody the Eden approach.  

For Organizations & Individuals

While our new Eden Membership has a big focus on organizations becoming members — after all, we largely live-out Eden values in communities — we are also offering an individual membership option.  That means even if your community isn’t ready to join, or if you aren’t in a community, you can still belong and be a part of the Eden Alternative, for less than you likely pay for a magazine subscription.  

Stay Tuned for More on the Upcoming Launch

Clearly, there is a lot going on here … more than I can share in a brief blog post.  So I’m going to follow up with two more blogs over the next couple weeks.  One blog will talk more about the element of belonging and community, and a second blog that will unpack the element of implementing Eden, and the improvements that are part of the new Eden Membership.  So stay tuned.  More to come!