Why Such a Big Gap?

March 08, 2013
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog

I just saw the results of an interesting survey published in the March issue of Provider Magazine. The source is the My Innerview Skilled Nursing Employee Engagement Satisfactions Surveys collected in 2012 by National Research Corporation.

The question from the survey that is highlighted is “Would you recommend this facility as a place to work?” Interestingly, the CNAs and Nurses surveyed responded that they would recommend their facility less than 65% of the time. In contrast, Administration and Nursing Administration responded that they would recommend their facility about 85% of the time. I think a 20% difference between the responses from CNAs and Nurses versus Administration and Nursing Administration is significant.

What does it tell us? Maybe it tells us that the folks with the power and control think things are just great while the folks in the trenches who may be feeling disempowered aren’t so happy? My gut tells me that this is more evidence that many nursing homes still have a long way to go in moving away from the old disempowering hierarchical management model and moving toward an empowering person-directed care approach to improve staff engagement, satisfaction, and well-being. The results we’ve seen from Eden Registered Homes over the years certainly shows the many benefits to be gained by making this transition.

So, how big is the gap in your organization? More importantly, what are you doing to close the gap?

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