Windsor Elms Amazing Wheelchair Race

January 02, 2014
Virgil Thomas,

This story comes to us from our Registry Member, Windsor Elms.

Allanna Jost, our Occupational Therapist coordinated an “Amazing Wheelchair Race” as part of Occupational Therapy month. The goal of the race was to raise awareness about occupational therapy while engaging everyone in the Home in fun and laughter.

Each neighborhood formed at least 4 teams, with each team consisting of one employee or volunteer and one resident with one of the team members remaining in a wheelchair throughout the challenge. Each team was required to complete 8 different tasks in different locations within their neighborhood and Village Center.

It was great to see each team develop their own strategy and methods for completing each station, and quite interesting to see the residents enjoying the competitive nature of the race. Others were happy to cheer on the teams and provide assistance when needed.

The fastest team from each neighborhood was declared a winner as well as an overall winner with the fastest time. A local restaurant donated delicious homemade pies as prizes.

Activities included a toilet paper pull; cup stacking; curl it up; bowling and seperating colored skittles and tossing tennis balls at targets.

The OT aspects that the race incorporated were Environmental Awareness and Wheelchair Mobility throughout the facility. All 8 activities throughout the facility were graded to ensure they could be completed by both the staff and resident as a team.

This activity fulfilled all seven of the Eden Domains of Well-Being on some level. But the ones most outstanding were connectedness; joy; growth and meaning.

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