Wise Leadership

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Wise Leadership focuses on the growth of formal and informal leaders across an organization or a community to drive person-directed care practices as close to the Elders as possible. The role of the leader in the culture change journey is to coach, inspire, and empower everyone to be a leader, including the individuals accepting support. Leadership without hierarchy transforms culture. Recognizing and nurturing the innate leader within every care partner creates a leadership bench that promotes sustainability across the culture change journey. This semester course consists of eight, 1-hour webinar events.

New and seasoned leaders from a variety of roles are welcome to join us to network, share and learn. It will be an opportunity to hear leaders share real-life examples of how they are addressing challenges and helping others achieve their leadership potential. Join us to reflect, increase self-awareness, and personally strengthen your leadership capacity.

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When you purchase an ON-DEMAND Eden Alternative Academy Semester, your fee covers the following:

~ You have the option to pack your room with as many people as possible, stretching your purchase dollars as far as you choose to do so.

~ Access to the ON-DEMAND semester webinar recordings (both video and audio) that you may use again and again for up to one year – making it possible to educate even more people over time, stretching that registration fee even further.


Session One: Leadership is a Behavior, Not a Title
Session Two:  Helping Others to Embrace Change
Session Three: Redefining Leadership: Not Just for the Chosen Few
Session Four: Self Awareness: A Key to Effective Leadership
Session Five: To Lead or Not to Lead:  The Art of “Followership”
Session Six: Real Leadership Challenges & Strategies: The Sherbrooke Experience
Session Seven: Challenges & Strategies: Your Experience
Session Eight: Wise Leadership: Bringing It All Together