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This documentary style video offers an in-depth look at The Eden Alternative.

The Eden Alternative in Care Communities


By moving away from top-down, departmental approaches to management and moving decision-making closer to the Elders themselves, The Eden Alternative helps nursing homes, short-term rehabilitation, and assisted living communities create a vibrant, empowered existence for the Elders they serve and the people who work closely with them, as care partners.

Implementation of The Eden Alternative impacts the organizational structure, physical environment, and relational interactions of residential care. When identifying goals for personal and organizational growth, organizations must consider how to best live out each of the Eden Alternative Ten Principles for the benefit of the Elders and their care partners, as well as the community as a whole.

Eden at Home


Eden at Home applies the Eden Alternative Philosophy to improving quality of life for Elder(s) living at home and their care partners.  Working together, empowered care partner teams, composed of families, care professionals, and the Elder herself, ensure the independence, dignity, and continued growth and development of the whole team by eliminating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom for all.

Aging-in-community requires creative grassroots solutions.  Thus, Eden at Home engages adult day services, hospice, independent living communities, senior centers and non-profit, faith-based, and home care/home health organizations. Designed to bring different stakeholders together within a single learning environment, Eden at Home creates a shared language for all members of the care partner team.

Eden LifeLong Living


The Eden Alternative also enhances the lives of those living with developmental, cognitive, psychological, and physical challenges. While society tends to describe the needs of these individuals in terms of “disability,” the Eden Alternative Philosophy builds on strengths.

By focusing on the unique ways our “different abilities” hold the promise of possibility, we are better prepared to highlight what we each have to offer our communities.

Meaning, empowerment, and growth are essential parts of living, no matter who we are. The Ten Principles of The Eden Alternative foster transformation in residential care communities designed to meet the needs of those living with different abilities.  When environments support a life worth living rich with purpose, everyone wins!

Need Info Now?

Through education, consultation, and outreach The Eden Alternative® promotes quality of life for Elders and their care partners, wherever they may live.

When it comes to creating a life worth living, we all have different needs and different roles.  The following resources will help you learn more about us, answer challenging questions, find support that reflects our unique approach to care, and help others understand why a culture of care that puts the person first is essential.  While the first column offers information for consumers and providers alike, the second column offers a more focused list of options most likely of interest to providers.

“What others say about us”

We recognize the sense of identity and joy that visitors and consultants experience when they walk in the door. They comment that there’s something different here.

PortagePointe, Hancock, MI, Registry Member

We need to be competitive in today’s world. The Eden Alternative helps us market ourselves as unique and different.

Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill, PA, Registry Member