Dementia Beyond Drugs

NAB/NCERS approved for 14.5 CEUs

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Based on the award-winning book by G. Allen Power, M.D., this in-depth 2-day learning experience uses the framework of culture change to create a new approach to caring for people who live with dementia. Learn why the current paradigm for dementia care can never produce satisfactory results and explore an experiential model that facilitates growth, meaningful engagement, and improved well-being via the application of person-directed practices.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Decrease reliance on psychotropic medications;
  • Reframe “problem behaviors” as unmet needs;
  • Identify the limitations of our current approach to care for those living with dementia;
  • Improve communication and promote positive, affirming interactions;
  • Envision an “experiential model” for viewing dementia and recognize the importance of enhancing well-being for all; and
  • Apply the model to everyday situations and reduce challenging interactions through creative solutions that empower individuals to live full and positive lives.

Dementia Beyond Drugs delivers results…
A recent pre/post survey process revealed the following training outcomes:

  • Participants experienced an overall 9% shift toward person-directed perceptions of and approaches to, dementia care after only two days of training.
  • Findings showed that participants also conveyed confidence in their ability to apply the non-pharmacological solutions learned.

This training is derived from Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care, by G. Allen Power, M.D., Copyright © 2010 by Health Professions Press, Inc. ( Adapted with permission of the publisher.