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“This was my first Eden Alternative conference, and I found it incredibly uplifting, thoughtful, challenging, and real.”

~ 2018 Conference Participant

The 2018 Eden Alternative International Conference was a huge success! We had 441 attendees from 33 states and 6 countries.  We would like to thank our conference sponsors for helping us make this possible.

CMP grant funds also made it possible for Georgia nursing homes to send participants to the conference at a reduced cost. Grant participants are also scheduled to attend Certified Eden Associate Training to help them deepen and integrate what they learned at the conference. The Georgia CMP grant helped 19 Georgia-based nursing home teams attend the conference, along with 12 surveyors, and 9 ombudsmen.These individuals were also joined by CMS reviewers and quality improvement organization representatives.

The 2018 conference was also an important turning point for The Eden Alternative. After 8 years of service, Chris Perna passed the baton to our new President & CEO, Jill Vitale-Aussem. Conference attendees were the first to hear the big news!  Read a letter from a Jill.


We invite you to…

KEEP USING YOUR APP: Conference goers should continue to check our app for conference handouts and follow-up tips and information designed to help you apply what you learned. Check out this helpful action planning tool.

WATCH CONFERENCE SESSION RECORDINGS: A special YOUTUBE playlist has been created that features selected sessions at the conference.  Dive in and gather your teams around to watch these videos.  Use them for Learning Circle discussions!  Click here to access the playlist.

USE THIS ACTION PLANNING TOOL:  Did you bring back a few great ideas from the conference? Download this simple, 2-page action planner to help you bring those ideas to life.

CHECK OUT THE 2018 EDEN ALTERNATIVE AWARD WINNERS: Learn all about our 2018 Eden Alternative Award Winners. Click here for the details.

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Every two years, change agents everywhere have the opportunity to experience the Eden Alternative International Conference. This dynamic event strives to inspire and renew the passion of those dedicated to changing the culture of care across all living environments. Through a unique learning framework, participants have the opportunity to deepen both perspective and skill base by exploring innovative approaches to person-directed care.

We emphasize the value of every voice in this important work. Individuals who work and live in all living environments join us in the spirit of shared learning and discovery, including certified nursing assistants, administrators, licensed nurses, corporate leadership, therapists, activity professionals, social workers, physicians, dietary professionals, home care/home health professionals and other direct care providers, care managers, Elders and others accepting support, family members, advocates, youth, ombudsmen, policymakers, regulators, consultants, clergy, educators, researchers, and designers.







May 3 – 4 – 5, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Buckhead Westin Hotel

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The 2018 Eden Alternative Award Winners

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