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The Green House Project

The Green House® is a revolutionary new model of care developed by our founder, Dr. Bill Thomas.  The Green House model takes the ideas and Principles of the Eden Alternative and starts from the ground up to create small houses for 6-10 Elders who require skilled nursing care and who want to live a rich life.

The Pioneer Network

Our founders, Bill and Jude Thomas, joined other culture change pioneers to found a network of people around the country who are dedicated to transforming the way we care for Elders. The Pioneer Network advocates and facilitates deep system change and transformation in our culture of aging. To achieve this, they:
* Create communication, networking and learning opportunities
* Build and support relationships and community
* Identify and promote transformations in practice, services, public policy and research
* Develop and provide access to resources and leadership

State Coalitions

The primary purpose of the coalitions is to advance culture change in their respective states. Coalition activities often include educational programs and networking meetings for providers; communications including a newsletter and a website; and education of policymakers and regulators about culture change. Consumer involvement and education is also an important activity for state coalitions.

Value-Added Partner’s

IN2L (It’s Never 2 Late)

IN2L’s computer labs have opened up possibilities for tens of thousands of elders across the country. By introducing and/or providing access to the world of computer technology, IN2L systems have provided the opportunity to experience and learn new life skills that enhance the quality of their lives such as, exploring the Internet, sending and receiving email, sharing digital photos, and using a word processing application to create documents and much, much more.

LifeBio – Autobiography How To

How LifeBio Works — Capture Life. Now.
It’s never been easier to capture and share your life stories, memories, and everyday experiences than with  You can do it with LifeBio’s thought provoking questions and easy to use online system.


PHI and The Eden Alternative have formed an official alliance to bring the PHI Coaching Approach to the international community of Eden subscribers. PHI works to improve the lives of people who need home and residential care—and the lives of the workers who provide that care.  PHI Coaching Approach provides the core skills necessary to support the empowerment of consumers who receive long-term services and supports and the staff who support them, and the development of significant relationships between the two.

Other Resources

The Whisper GLIDE Swing

A Natural Gathering Place for Enhancing Culture Change!
Offering unique wheelchair-accessible and two bench glider swings, featuring Safety and Simplicity, addressing loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

Click here to see a brief video highlighting the WhisperGLIDE Swings.