February 16, 2022

New Year. New Eden.

By Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative®

All roads lead to the new The Eden Alternative® in 2022.  We have a list of exciting developments – some in the bag, some evolving – that we will roll out in the weeks to come.  

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to and where we’re going…

New website.  We are thrilled to unveil the NEW Eden Alternative website. It is both desktop and mobile friendly and features the beautiful photography of Heidi Wagner, creator of the the Passions Project.  We also want to offer a shout out to the residents of Eaton Senior Communities and Clermont Park for bringing the images to life. The new site functions like most contemporary sites – more as a hub for services and less like a warehouse of information.  Content for the site will continue to evolve and improve, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback! Ready, set, go!

New free content. Want more ways to learn at no cost?  You’ve got it. We’ll start by launching NEW free, self-study courses on eVOLVE Online Learning. Keep your eyes open over the next 3 weeks for the details on how you can tap into these learning opportunities.

New team members.  Our Home Office Team is expanding!  We are delighted to introduce Kristi Doan, our newest Community Builder, and Julian Flores, our new Chief Marketing Officer.  Kristi and Julian bring fresh new energy and ideas. As we grow, so does our capacity to meet your needs in more innovative ways. Stay tuned to learn more about Kristi and Julian.

New ways to learn. We are actively rethinking how to package what we teach to make it easier to customize your experience and more effectively meet the needs of different learning styles and perspectives. One example builds more boldly on the work we’ve done before – you’ll notice our new website speaks directly to the unique needs of both providers AND consumers.

New ways to engage. 2022 will bring new ways to tap into membership at The Eden Alternative®.  We are cooking up a plan that will create multiple options for engaging with us. Our new platform-in-the-making will offer the option to dip in or dig deep. We are committed to creating empowered cultures of care, and that means creating supports that are more accessible, more flexible, more customizable, and more affordable. More to come!