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Our value-added partners are organizations that align with the Eden Alternative Philosophy and are participants in the culture change movement.

They are dedicated to providing products and services that will have a positive impact on the lives of Elders and their care partners, as well as offering those products and services at affordable prices to Eden Registry Members.

It’s Never Too Late® (iN2L), founded in 1999, is dedicated to making engagement technology accessible and enjoyable– regardless of physical or cognitive limitations.

iN2L’s expansive content library supports core dimensions of wellness and provides an efficient resource to deliver meaningful, person centered engagement proven to reduce isolation, boredom, and elder & caregiver stress. The system’s intuitive design provides ease of use and seamless implementation improving productivity straightaway. With over 3,000 installations thought the US and Canada, this technology is transforming the Care Culture with scale-able systems ranging from 70” touchscreens to tablets. Thank you for taking the time to learn about It’s Never 2 Late and we hope you join our growing network. Together we are changing lives.

Contact them at 303-806-0797.  Learn more at www.iN2L.com

LifeBio specializes in helping care partners enhance person-directed care using Reminiscence Therapy to capture life stories. When life stories are explored and shared, a rich and powerful understanding of elders comes to light–helping your organization fulfill Medicare regulations, individualize care planning, and deeply know people (especially elders with memory challenges). With LifeBio’s Story Team’s assistance, you’ll have useful Life Story Books and 1-page Life Story Summaries for each person. Lifebio’s Reminiscence Therapy promotes deep engagement, drives intergenerational interaction, ignites feelings of purpose, reduces loneliness, and increases emotional wellbeing.

Contact them at (937) 303-4576 or   (866) LIFEBIO (866-543-3246) or email info@lifebio.com. Learn more at www.lifebio.com.

Eklego derives its name from the Greek word, “chosen”.  Eklego is a recruitment outsourcing firm focusing exclusively on Senior Care due to the growing recruitment and retention challenges faced by providers.  They strive to support leaders of elder care by helping build, sustain and grow a mission-minded workforce.  Eklego attracts top candidates and provides organizations the opportunity to choose an individual that possesses the right skills, attitude, and passion to care for elders.

For more information, contact tony@eklegoworkforce.com.  Learn more at www.eklegoworkforce.com.

RCare is a holistic provider of UL 1069 tested wireless nurse call and monitoring technology for the entire spectrum of senior housing. From emergency two way call systems to caregiver mobile devices to advanced locating pendants to comprehensive environmental monitoring, RCare is scaled and priced for large campuses , enterprise and even the smallest homes and communities.

Contact them at (888) 724-1911 or email Mike Andolina at mikea@rcareinc.com.

Learn more at www.RCareInc.com.

SWBR provides fully integrated design services specializing in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, master planning, and sustainable design solutions for senior environments. We engage our clients using a person directed design process meant to educate and build ownership among participants. SWBR believes that the best project outcomes grow from a deep understanding and appreciation of elders’ lives. Whether planning renovations or a completely new building, SWBR is uniquely suited to support the ideals of culture change and the Eden philosophy.

To contact them, call 585-232-8300 or click on the logo to the right to access their website.

Proximity’s Medication and Supply Storage solutions allow care partners to be able to provide the necessary medical and support equipment in a non-clinical looking environment. Our solutions fit into the decor and are easy to use by the care partners, making organizing and preparation of medications and supplies easy. Medications and supplies are hidden and blend into the home environment allowing life to revolve around the Elder, allowing for better interaction, and allowing care partners to spend more time with Elders.

To contact them, call 800-437-8111 or click on the logo to the right to access their website.

Java creates and distributes unique peer support programs, residents helping residents, that help build community spirit while reducing loneliness and depression. Less depression means less falls, anti-psychotics, hospitalization, conflicts, staff burden, etc. Studies show a 30% reduction in depression scores and 60% increase in activity participation. Programs are easily implemented by existing staff & volunteers using the step-by-step guide and training video. Join over 900 organizations enjoying the benefits of increased engagement of residents, staff and families.

To contact them, call 866-523-2411 or click on the logo to the right to access their website.

hearOclub is a high quality hearing aid battery home delivery subscription service. We provide a premium service (FREE home delivery and DieHard branded batteries) at discount prices from most retailers. Our members love our service because hearOclub is committed to giving Elders back a part of their lives by eliminating hearing emergencies caused by unexpectedly running out of batteries.

To contact them, call 833-547-8362 or click on the logo to the right to access their website.

MemoryWell is a startup health company harnessing a national network of 650+ writers to tell the life stories of seniors to improve care. We work with residential facilities, Medicare advantage plans and home health agencies to replace or complement intake questionnaires with brief life stories. MemoryWell stories build empathy and connections between staff, families, and caregivers. We put the person in person-centered care.

To contact them call (202) 854-WELL(9355) or click on the logo to the right to access their website

Deva World is a breakthrough cognitive care tool that stimulates a person’s higher needs – those of belonging, esteem and self-actualization – in one digital application.  Built on a game engine, Deva World is a calm and gentle place where players, supported by a helper, interact with everyday objects and undertake fun activities of daily living.  Tapping on a touch screen tablet (iPad and Android) is all that is needed to bring DevaWorld to life.

Co-designed and scientifically-developed, DevaWorld draws on over 15 therapeutic recreation activities and person-centered strategies such as validation to build a player’s confidence and their sense of agency.

For more information visit mentia.me or connect with Serge Soudoplatoff at serge@mentia.me 415-632-6591