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milestone-4In contrast to standard satisfaction surveys, Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys measure the levels of optimism, trust and generosity across an organization.

Every gardener knows that you can’t grow plants in frozen soil.  In this metaphor, the soil is the culture that exists in your organization.  If that culture is very cold, we know from our experience that implementation of The Eden Alternative will not grow and develop.  There is a continuum from cold to warm, and every organization falls somewhere along that continuum.  Cold organizations are characterized by pessimism, cynicism, and stinginess, while warm organizations are characterized by optimism, trust and generosity. These qualities are essential to the success of culture change initiatives.

Introducing change into your organization will likely cool the soil down.  Change consumes warmth.  So, it is important that you are continually warming the soil. This warming process begins with the formal leadership and should spread throughout the organization, so that everyone is involved in the art of creating a caring community.

Use this set of warmth surveys to assess and prepare your organization for adopting person-directed care practices.